Macro photos by smartphone


Macro photos by smartphone. Sounds and looks somehow unreal, isn’t it?
But wait, the photos You see now are made by smartphone iPhone 6s. How is it possible? Have I used some special soft for this?

Few months ago I decided to buy lenses for smartphone. I paid something like 5$ for 3 lenses.

I received 3 lenses: Fish Eye lens, Wide angle and Macro.
The fish eye is not useful at all, so I would not recommend it.

Wide angle is pretty interesting lens, especially if You want to capture some wide scene like mountains, forest, many trees, whatever.

But I was really surprised when I tried macro lenses. It was like a microscope, really. It became possible to see so small details that I hadn’t seen before even with eyes (I have 100% eyesight).

After this I have found out how cool is to take macro photos with smartphone when You don’t need to adjust manual focus, etc. More over, the quality of the picture is super high (what do You think?)

I have attached several photos from my last session.

But I would recommend to visit FACEY.TOP to see much more amazing photos made by mobile phone.

Have a great photographing!



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