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I’m sure that all You guys had a problem in choosing of a mobile device, especially if it was needed to pick only one option. You could take the best camera or the best price, no doubt You were challenged.
FACEY.TOP could help You to avoid such problems in the future.

FACEY.TOP guarantees only real photos from mobile devices tuned by mobile photo editors or not tuned at all.

Here You can find the latest statistic of photos and devices that has been uploaded recently.



LGE Nexus 5 is a leader among the most popular devices for taking photos. On the 2nd place You can find iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S5 takes the 3rd place.

So, it means that You can trust these devices from the perspective of general user satisfaction and quality of photos.

What You need to do if You want to upload Your best mobile photos? Simply download the mobile application Facey Camera, and now You can share the photos using this awesome application with powerful photo-editor and hidden amazing features, like face detection, live pictures, live collages and many others.

Let us know how do You like it!
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