Become a professional photographer with Your smartphone

We are FACEY.TOP, a young dynamic startup. FACEY.TOP develops and supplies our users with a great application for taking pictures. It allows everybody become a professional photographer and show their photography talents without professional photo cameras. To help people around the world to get perfect pictures, we create this app and allow them to take, edit and share their best photos.

Now, our vision has gotten expanded, we really understand the importance and value of a web resource, when you can upload your pictures and make people aware of them, express your feelings, emotions and lifestyle with amazing pictures. We truly believe everyone has talent for taking photos to be discovered.

Our goal is to help you share the best photos from very different mobile devices. So you don’t need to care anymore about restricted photo resolution of your device or low quality of photos. The most important thing for us is the soul of picture, your personal vision and desire to show it to people all over the world. Besides, everyone can reveal a mobile device that is used for capturing. It allows people to choose an ideal smartphone with the best camera. You can easy compare photos made by different devices and search for the model You’re interested in. We rapidly develop our application and website to leverage cutting-edge possibilities in photography and social network.

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